Serving individuals and families affected by abuse.

How to Reach Us

Mailing address:
Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center
Post Office Box 9476
Warwick, Rhode Island 02889

Crisis Hotline: 401-738-1700
Business Line: 401-738-9700
Fax: 401-738-1713

EBC Center does not subscribe to Caller ID. Our phone lines are blocked to ensure confidentiality.

WARNING: Computer technology changes rapidly and new tools are introduced regularly that may aid survivors or be misused by abusers. Many abusers can find ways to track a survivor's computer and internet use including websites accessed, documents opened, and even keystrokes typed. It is better to use a safer computer -- for example, at a public library, friend's place, or work.

Agency Services

Crisis Services:

  • Safe Confidential Shelter
  • 24-hour Hotline


  • Assistance at Court
  • Counseling
  • Programs for Seniors


  • Community Awareness
  • Professional Training