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Adult Students


The Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center can provide trainings for professionals and communities on a variety of topics regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. 

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or see below training descriptions:

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Domestic Violence 101:


Domestic violence is an issue that affects all of us, whether directly or indirectly. Professionals and community members who are informed about DV can help to make a difference for victims and their families. During this session, participants will learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, the cycle of violence, common characteristics of abusers, and information about how to best respond to victims of abuse and help them access appropriate services.




Sexual Assault 101:

The presentation will cover the definition of sexual assault, dynamics, myths and facts of sexual assault, as well as relevant RI laws. Participants will learn about common survivor reactions as well as credibility challenges that are faced by victims and prosecutors after a disclosure of sexual assault.




Digital Safety:


The internet can ease communication with friends and family and can be a fun place to socialize, however it is a place where many unsafe people and situations are found. In this session, participants will learn about safe posting, sexting and the related legal and social risks, and gain knowledge and understanding of online predators and grooming in order to reduce dangers to youth online.

Human Trafficking 101:


The identification of human trafficking victims is crucial to ensure that these victims receive the appropriate supports and services. Training topics covered in this session include defining human trafficking, the nature and frequency of human trafficking, recognizing indicators of trafficking, types of control tactics used by traffickers and challenges that victims face in trying to leave a trafficker.



Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

in the LGBTQ+ Community:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault occur in LGBTQ+ relationships as commonly as they do in heterosexual relationships, but it can be difficult for those who identify as LGBTQ+ to seek adequate help for these issues. Training topics covered in this presentation include common language relating to the LGBTQ+ community, oppression of LGBTQ+ individuals and barriers to getting help for LGBTQ+ victims, and action steps for creating an LGBTQ+ friendly environment for victims.




CSA 101:


1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18. It is essential that all adults know how to recognize signs of abuse and respond to children’s disclosures. Topics include defining child sexual abuse, the nature and frequency of abuse, facts/myths, signs/symptoms of child abuse, CSEC (child trafficking), overview of Children’s Advocacy Centers and how to respond to a disclosure or suspected abuse.

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Need a space to rent for a training or conference?

We have a room available at our community agency.


Please call us at

(401) 738-9700

to book the space.

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Serving individuals and families affected
by domestic violence and sexual assault.

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