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Crisis Counseling &Support

The Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center

offers a variety of crisis counseling

and support services, including:

  • Free Individual crisis counseling for both survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault

  • Support Groups that focus on the dynamics of domestic violence and life after abuse

  • Occasional psycho educational groups


All of our crisis counseling services are available free of charge and we never go through your health insurance.

Please call us to find out more about what services are currently available.

(401) 738-1700

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What is
Crisis Counseling?

Crisis counseling at the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center is a vital service that provides immediate support and assistance to individuals facing traumatic experiences. Trained counselors offer a safe and empathetic environment where survivors can express their feelings, fears, and concerns without judgment. These counselors are equipped with specialized knowledge to address the complex dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, offering personalized guidance and resources tailored to each individual's needs. Crisis counseling aims to empower survivors by validating their experiences, helping them navigate the legal and medical systems, and connecting them with additional support services such as shelter, legal advocacy, and therapy. Through compassionate listening and validation, crisis counselors play a crucial role in helping survivors regain a sense of control, rebuild their lives, and ultimately break the cycle of abuse.

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Serving individuals and families affected
by domestic violence and sexual assault.


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