Our Donors

We could not do the work we do without the generous support we receive from individuals, groups and businesses in the community.  Thank you!  




A Donation was Given In Honor of:

Alyssa M. Panciocco by Richard and Nancy Panciocco

Linda Sullivan by Dr. Christopher and Colleen Wood


Sarah and Bill by Roberta Bianco

Alfred and Margo Almonte by Peter and Ann Voccio

Mary Shapiro and Sharon Shapiro on Mother’s Day by their mother-in-law, Audrey Shapiro

A Donation Was Given in Memory of:

Marion Silberman by an anonymous donor

Marion Silberman by Lee and Becky Arnold

Marion Silberman by Jo A. Souza

Marion Silberman by Keith Coulter

Marion Silberman by Scott Avedisian


Marion Silberman by an anonymous donor

Robert J. Shapiro by Audrey Shapiro

John G. Earle by Scott Avedisian

John G. Earle by Bob and Wynitia Sgroi

Sean Harrington by Ginny Harrington


Joel Bussell by Dr. Richard Beckman

John G. Earle by Susan Goggin

Jeannette Armstrong by Frank and Judy Cunnion

Ruth Cunnion by Frank and Judy Cunnion

Louis Bruno by Helene and Joel Chase

Janet Rochon by Anonymous

Janet Rochon by Chris Rodstrom

Janet Rochon by Geri Edens

Janet Rochon by Rachel Pachter

Janet Rochon by Elizabeth Hansel

Janet Rochon by Amanda Ries

Janet Rochon by Edward Snook, Jr.

Janet Rochon by Douglas Weir

Janet Rochon by Kristin Chartier

Deborah Lee Marso by Gregory Coogan

Deborah Lee Marso by Jean Canham

Loretta M. Cunningham by Andrea Pollard

Loretta M. Cunningham by Gillian Holroyd

Loretta M. Cunningham by Erin Murray

Loretta M. Cunningham by Kenneth DiPrete

Loretta M. Cunningham by Ronald and Suzanne Donner

Loretta M. Cunningham by Lillian Cerullo McIntyre

Loretta M. Cunningham by Edward and Beverly Hadfield

Loretta M. Cunningham by Marsha McGinity

Loretta M. Cunningham by Joseph Greene

Deborah Lee Marso by Councilman Stephen McAllister

Loretta Cunningham by Marion Therrien

A Donation has been given to EBC Center by:

Tracey Lawrence

Elizabeth Hopkins

We would like to thank the TJX Foundation for their generous $10,000 donation to our agency’s Life Skills program

A donation has been given to the John Earle Legal Fund by Scott Avedisian

A huge thank you to UPS who donated $5,000 to EBCC through their Women's Business Group

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Facebook Fundraiser! We were able to raise $1,065

Thank you to Ocean State Job Lot for donating $500 in gift cards


our mission

Our mission is to end the perpetration and societal tolerance of interpersonal violence, including all forms of domestic and sexual abuse, and until that is achieved, to provide comprehensive services to victims and education in the community.


Hotline: (401)738-1700

Business: (401) 738-9700

Fax: (401)738-1713

24 hour statewide hotline:
1(800) 494-8100

PO Box 9476 Warwick, RI 02889

Email: info@ebccenter.org


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