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Judith Earle

EBCC Executive Director

Joyce Rose
Office/ Grants Manager


Nancy Clancy
Business Manager


Donna Gilmore
Shelter Manager


Gina Scordino
Director of Advocacy Services

Rachel Caliri

Development Director


Saundra Barbosa
Front Desk/Volunteer Coordinator


Kerri Maher

Manager of Counseling Services


Stephanie Joyal

Sexual Assault Counselor

Deb Ferrante

Domestic Violence Counselor

Chelsea Leighton

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Counselor

Emily Helgerson

Law Enforcement Advocate


Kelly Phelps

Senior District Court Advocate

Amanda Day

District Court Advocate/Felony Case Advocate

Cassandra McFetridge

District Court Advocate

Stefanie Curran

Crisis Case Manager

Carina Perez-Nuñez

Law Enforcement Advocate

Stephanie Brassard

Law Enforcement Advocate

Harrie Salk

Law Enforcement Advocate

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